Welcome to My Modeling Boot Camp News!

This is the first installment of this, so I am crossing my fingers that it goes over well. There is a lot of information and resources here on the site. Please look around and see if you find someone you can work with or network with. Right now My Modeling Boot Camp is only US based. I am looking to branch out more to the west coasts and Northern states. Let’s see what 2018 brings!

My Modeling Boot Camp is a mentoring company for new and aspiring models. Most models get into the business and are super busy. That is great. Then after that they get stuck in a rut and am not sure what they can do to get more assignments. My Modeling Boot Camp works with these models to help assist them in making their modeling into a business.

One of the things that I stress the most is safety. There are some awesome groups that give you a heads up on potential predators. You have to play by the rules in those groups. There is NO leaking information or running to that person in question to ask them if they know about the allegations that are against them. Those groups are for informational purposes. As we all know that there are some photographers that you will click with and some that you will not. You have to make your own decision on whether you work with that person or not. It is that simple. If you decide to deviate from these parameters, then you will be deleted and blocked from the groups.