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Making modeling a business - Model Boot Camp can help you build a career on and give you the opportunity to succeed in your profession.



Model Boot Camp offers you an unparalleled opportunity to work with some of the industry best resources, come in contact with fantastic small business & vendors and learn what it takes to make it one of the most competitive professions you have chosen.



Model Boot Camp wants you to succeed no matter if you are just starting out or a seasoned pro!


Introduction to MBC

Professionalism, Integrity and Ethics. These three ideas will help you build a career on and give you the opportunity to succeed in your profession. If you are ready to take the first step then start here and learn more about Model Boot Camp.

Getting Started

Your Camp starts with a one on one consultation with a mentor who will figure out your plan of action – whether you are new to modeling or a experience professional it all starts here – an investment in your career.

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Ready to enter the world of freelance modeling? Do you have the drive, the passion and the determination to make this a career? We are waiting to help you find your path and achieve your goals – Sign Up Today!

Jeff Frankel

Jeff Frankel, a photographer with 20+ years of experience, located in Roswell, GA. specializing in portrait, wedding, headshots, model, event, real estate, and corporate photography. Everyone should be “Kissed with Light”

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My Modeling Boot Camp can help you find that perfect location or add additional models for a shoot to hiring a photographer to oversee your project. Inquire today on how MBC can make your next project easier.

About Us

My Modeling Boot Camp is model and photographer mentoring. Its main focus is mentoring models who are either just beginning or fairly new to the modeling industry. My Modeling Boot Camp is an educational resource for booking your assignments, networking, building rapport, understanding your finances, execution of your shoot, and other business facets of the industry.

Photographers can learn from others on how they can better communicate, market, and build rapport in the modeling industry. They can also avoid several pitfalls that are common in this ever changing industry. From the assignment to safety, there are tons of things to learn to make your business more professional. Communication, perception, and execution. Time to make the runway happen.

If you are 18 years or older and want to learn more about how to become a successful freelance model this Model Boot Camp is design for!

  • The Specialists

    Specialists are hand picked. They have varying rates and locations throughout the Southeast. When you go through your Personalized Camp, you are required to meet with one specialist in every category including photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe and many more. Meet the Team!

  • Our Vendors

    Our Vendors, Small Business, Direct Sales and other resources for our clients, models and anybody who is working in the world of freelance modeling might benefit from contacting these business for their services. Check them out and their services!

What others say about us

Going to the My Modeling Boot Camp was actually an eye opening experience! I learn a number of tricks of the trade, got lots of really good advice, pointers and guidelines. I learned that this IS a business and being able to promote yourself properly is paramount! My Modeling Boot Camp camp is  not for the faint of heart ! If you really want to be A Professional Freelance Model and learn the right way and can put aside your EGO and be open to listening and take to heart what being offered and a little constructive criticism,be broken down and built up as a Poised, Professional Well- rounded Freelance Model then My Modeling Boot Camp is for you!

Carolyn "Lilly" LackleyFreelance Model

My Modeling Boot Camp will give me the opportunity and freedom to grow as an artist as well as the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I take pride in knowing that I can use my creativity and photographic knowledge to help others take that next step in their professional careers.

Deon BrownPhotographerDeon BrownPhotography

I think MMBC will be great for modeling community for several reason. It will allow models the opportunity to work on projects that have been vetted and are safe. A lot of times eager new models jump at every opportunity put in front of them, sometimes these opportunities turn out to be scams. MMBC will provide both models photographers exposure to clients that we probably wouldn’t have access to. From what I have seen there are a lot of avenues for networking between business owners, models and photographers out there. MMBC will be that bridge to connect all parties. Lastly MMBC will provide mentoring from different avenues in the industry. The information that new models get will put them many steps ahead of their colleagues that entered the industry around the same time that didn’t participate in the program.

Harold SamsProfessional Photographer