Features & Benefits

Model Boot Camp is designed to help you gain a certain skill set, gain valuable insight into the world of freelance modeling and give you a solid base in which to build a long lasting career.

Model Boot Camp offers you an unparalleled opportunity to work with some of the industry best resources, come in contact with fantastic small business & vendors and learn what it takes to make it one of the most competitive professions you have chosen.

Model Boot Camp Features

  • Highly trained and seasoned professionals in 8 different specialties including photographers, makeup artists, hair stylist and many more. You get to work with some of the handpicked experts that are in the industry
  • Custom programs based around your portfolio strengths, preferred work and your schedule. Specific consults and programs can be customized for you
  • One-on-one consultations – the program is individualized for you!
  • The program is spread out to meet your scheduling needs.
  • You will learn the business, the industry, and how to make longevity happen.

The Benefits of Model Boot Camp

  • Various programs are available, whether you go through the entire camp or one of the other programs
  • The Specialists have varies prices to work with your budget
  • Discounts are available through certain small businesses and Specialists if you are enrolled into camp
  • You will get education, insight, and experience
  • You will learn stage and modeling presence
  • You will learn to be organized for your modeling business
  • You will get to deal with real world experiences and issues
  • You will learn how to handle your finances and make your booking accordingly
  • Small business representatives are there for you and promise to give you great customer service for their unique product lines.

At the end of the day a shoot is a shoot. Whether or not it went well is the real question. How was it planned? Did you get the results that you were looking for? How will the follow up be from after the shoot? Figure it all out, quit guessing. Get the checklist down. Time to make the memories.