Our Specialists

Specialists are hand picked. They have varying rates and locations throughout the Southeast. When you go through your Personalized Camp, you are required to meet with one specialist in every category including photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe and many more…Visit Our Specialists Pages

Our Vendors

Our Vendors, Small Business, Direct Sales and other resources for our clients, models and anybody who is working in the world of freelance modeling might benefit from contacting these business for their services. Check them out and their services!

The Program

The Model Boot Camp is centered around the idea of giving each and every model a set of skills and knowledge to help them not only navigate the world of professional modeling but make it a last and full filling career as well. To read more about the MBC program, go here.

About My Model Boot Camp

My Modeling Boot Camp is here as a resource, instruction, and insight into the ever fluid world of freelance, contract, and spokes model assignments.

So you want to get into the modeling business? Or are you already a model and wanting to further your career? Are you trying to get a good portfolio and not getting the results that you are wanting? Are you marketing and getting the responses that you just want to delete? Is your networking to get new assignments running into a road block?

Being on a promotional assignment or in front of a camera is a lot of fun but, there are some things you would need to know before starting. Whether you are just going about this for a hobby or a new long term venture, My Modeling Boot Camp can assist you in your set up for success. I have enlisted a team of experts in this industry to coach, assist, and give you insight in their various fields.

Waking up and starting to plan for a shoot is exciting. From the initial planning, your conception on what you want in your portfolio is key. Versatility, concise preparation, and communication will help you get what your modeling goals are.

Deciding on what path you want to go into is one that is a bit challenging. Once you have chosen that, you will be able to plan and execute your plan of attack. Professionalism is necessary in all of this to make sure that you are getting the results that you are wanting.