Just hit the reply button

One of the things that I hate the most is waiting. I hate just sitting there after sending something out and I feel like I am going to win the lottery with a reply.  I always wonder if I have composed the email, text, or message in the manner in which it will be received.

I keep hearing that the biggest thing with some of the photographers and models is that they don’t hit the reply button! It is really easy to do. The funny thing is that most of us watch the persons profile or something and they keep positing but, then they do not reply to the message that was sent. That is very frustrating.

If you get an email, message, or text from someone whom you are not interested in working with. It is the professional thing to do with simply declining the assignment.  You can say you are not interested, you are already booked, or something else. Just make it clear for them not to come back with a rebuttal. If you feel that this is not getting the message across, then just block said person. That again is simple and solves the issue.

Communication is key in this industry. Make sure that your message regardless is crystal clear. There should not be a time where someone is questioning what you mean with your answer. Mainly, just hit the reply button. Don’t make them pace the floor for your answer.