Thomas Solet
Sun Creative, LLC

Thomas Solet Photography Specialist

Sun Creative, LLC

Based in Columbia, South Carolina

Sun Creative is a Consulting and Creative Photographic Firm. We specialize in image creation, content management, and event coordination. Working with designers, stylist, and agencies to create cohesive personal branding for Models and Working Professionals. We also work with individuals to provide personalize images and memories that last a life time. Based in Famously Hot Columbia, South Carolina.


Thomas Solet is rebranding and revamping his website. It will be updated and uploaded this fall!! The new name will be SNCRTV. We anxiously await to see the new logo and images that he will be bringing to this new launch. Stay tuned as we will post as soon as it is online. Right now please email him at for any bookings. This is a notification of some sort.

NOW Booking for 2023!


  • 2/15 – 2/18 Washington, DC area
  • 2/20 – 2/24 Bermuda (beach location shooting, two days – pop up event, all welcome)
  • 2/27 – 2/31 Boston (currently open)