Rich – Safety Specialist


Safety Specialist for Model Boot Camp

We welcome Rich to our line of safety specialists. Rich has over 25 years of law enforcement and is based in Atlanta. He has worked with and works with high end celebrities as well as new and established models in the industry. Rich is available for various assignments regarding the safety of you and your team.

His contact information is listed above. Please put your name and location in the subject line. He will offer MMBC members a discount if available. Consultation rates are based on whether they are in person or on the phone. Please inquire for more information.

He is available for travel assignments. Please inquire about rates for your event, shoot, or awards show.

Rich understands that not everyone has the best intentions for you and teaches you the signs to look for in the booking, duration, and finalization of your assignment.
Whether you are a model, a small business owner, a corporation who wants that extra assistance for your large events, Rich can help you in the execution of these. If you are needing more than one safety personnel, please ask him for more information on this.

Rich will tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear about being in the modeling business. Like all of the specialists, he is factual and insightful into various modeling scenarios. If you have any safety questions, please book your consult today!