Regina Taylor-Santiago Licensed Skin Specialist

Regina Taylor-Santiago Licensed Skin Specialist

Skin by Regina

I have held a Cosmetology license for 20 years, received my Esthetics Training July 2015 and have been working in the field for over a year after retiring from Active Duty October 2015. My goal is to help those with any skin concerns get results and on the right path for healthy skin through education and product recommendation. I am currently certified in Dermalogica and Skin Script professional products and offer FREE skin analysis. I have helped those find products from young adults with the occasional breakouts / acne issues, hyperpigmentation as well as anti-aging treatments. Its very rewarding when my clients who come to me are satisfied with the results when you they are consistent and we work together.

I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist in Maryland for over 20 years, I specialize in Skin Care and am certified in with 600 hours in Esthetics as well as ongoing continuing education for the past 3 years. My passion is skin care through education and skin treatments I love to help those who are seeking to improve their skincare routines, skin concern and overall education on skin health. The ultimate satisfaction is when my clients tell me about the compliments they receive on their skin and you can hear the joy in their voice, all I hope to do is show them the natural beauty that they had all along.

I am located in Southern Maryland and offer complimentary skin consultations; you’ll receive a form to complete and return to me. I’ll go over your response and discuss more via email or other forms of communication to obtain more information. From there I’ll make product recommendations to get you on the road to healthy-glowing skin.


“Stay Home” Facial Kit with complimentary skin consultation.

Just because you’re stuck in the house does not mean you should stop taking care of your skin. It is the largest organ and our first line of defense to protect us so let’s take care of it.

Now offering a “Stay Home” facial kit. It will be customized based on your skin type, 5-7 products, complimentary consultation and detailed instructions. Cost is $25 and FREE shipping. For $15 more you can add a eco-friendly cleansing / exfoliating cloth that can be used over (up to 1,000 washes).

Let me show you how you can still glow while at home.

Email me at for more info!

Be Safe & Stay Positive!

“Stay Home” Facial Kit


Cleaning makeup brushes…what is the best product to use and how often do you use it?

When i comes to make-up brushes, I recommend to clean them weekly. You can use over the counter makeup brush cleaners and brush scrubber, afterwards I like to follow-up with a salicylic acid cleanser to ensure all bacteria is removed and let air dry.

If you apply lashes – how can I make sure that my natural lashes are not damaged in this process?

I would refer to a reputable Lash Technician who is certified.

How can I best prepare my skin for makeup application?

Depending on the occasion, I recommend getting either a basic facial or customized at least 24-hours prior. That way, your skin is cleansed, can breath and is prepped for the best color matching and application by your MUA. I do not recommend getting any type of aggressive facial such as a peel or microdermabrasion. You will experience downtime and/or may have a reaction that will need time to heal.

Which is better to get done first…hair or makeup?? and why?

I’ve always done facials while clients were processing and seen MUA apply makeup AFTER styling. Your hair is set and you can avoid any accidental smudging by the stylists who would be working on your hair.

How do you really clean a makeup sponge?

I don’t care for sponges just because of the lack of time people take to clean them. Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria and become costly if you constantly have to replace them, I would recommend silicone applicators just for the hygienic purpose.