MBC President’s Picks

A listing of National Vendors & Businesses My Modeling Boot Camp find fun, entertaining and added value to our clients, vendors and specialists. Enjoy!

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What are Grasswalkers? Grasswalkers are flexible transparent strips that adhere to the bottom of your favorite stilettos or thicker heels to keep them from sinking into the grass, sand or dirt. You can finally wear your favorite heels to outdoor events without worrying about ruining your shoes! Grasswalkers — an easy and discreet way to protect your heels and attend any outdoor event without the frustration or worrying of ruining your favorite high heels. To order your Grasswalkers and to learn more about this amazing product please visit our website at www.grasswalkers.com or call Toll Free 855-454-7277.

And don’t forget about our Grasswalkers Party Box! Planning an outdoor wedding or party? Get the Grasswalkers party box for your wedding party or guests to cover their heels.

* All images courtesy of Grasswalkers.com

President’s Words

“I stumbled across an ad for this product and had to give it a try. Everyone has had that one outdoor party and you have the perfect shoes for it and then it happens. You sink into the ground! There are other products that only cover the heel. This covers the whole entire bottom of the shoe. I also was amazed at the price that these were. They are affordable and easy to apply. I would just buy a pair to keep on hand if needed! Stop by their site today! “

Paisley Tiger

We are Paisley Tiger – a clothing line with the goal of saving the remaining 3,890 wild tigers left in the world through cute clothes including Short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, headwear, jewelry, stickers and more. Rigth now we are offering FREE shipping on orders over $50.00. Pleae visit our online store at www.paisleytiger.com or by email PaisleyTigerCo@gmail.com.

Over the past 20 years our planet has gone from 100,000 tigers to less than 4,000. Their population is dropping sharply and it is estimated that they will be extinct within the next few decades thus leading to a sad future without a beautiful creature. Tigers are majestic, loving animals, that should never be erased due to the ills of mankind. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality products that are carefully hand chosen. These products represent memories, adventure, and the fact that good people still exist.

A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to “Big Cat Rescue” in Tampa, Florida and they can be reached at https://BigCatRescue.org/. This organization provides proper shelter, food, and medication amongst time, love, and protection, which is far more important.

* All images courtesy of PaisleyTiger.com

President’s Words

“Company based in Tennessee, I had to have them on my company page as the logo is too cute. I am a huge cat lover and wanted to let other know that this company existed. Their customer service is outstanding. They answer all of their emails faster than a lot of the companies that I have dealt with. Stop on buy! Save the tigers! “

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