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Andrew R Terrell – Photography Specialist

ART Studios, LLC is a Atlanta Base Wedding Photography, Videography company. We take pride in our unique approach to both still and cinematic photography. Photography is an art, a true photographer has the skills to immortalize life as it happens. It is a true privilege to be hired as a photographer. We do our best to get to know our clients, their backgrounds, and situations. This lets us truly portray their feelings in their photographs. Your photographs whether they’re taken at a wedding or during a portrait session should be displayed proudly in your home, is if you have the Mona Lisa herself hong in your master bedroom or family room. We also know that having your picture taken is an experience on its own. We try to make that experience itself truly a great one.

If I could describe myself in anyway it would probably be as a media artist. (aka professional geek). I’ve had a camera around my neck since I was 2. I started helping my dad photograph weddings when I was 12. Photography is ingrained in my DNA, I was named after the great photographer that trained my dad. I currently own a large wedding studio in Atlanta, ART Studios, LLC. We specialize in weddings and portraits photography and videography.

If I’m not behind a camera you will probably find me behind an audio console mixing a band or working on my 1977 Glastron GT177.  Before Starting ART Studios I worked in (and still do some) the Live Event Production. I spent some time behind recording consuls. Out of high school I spent eight months is an intern for CNN, Turner broadcasting while studying.

I truly believe in the mission of My Modeling Boot Camp. This is something that’s truly needed today an organization that will provide a solid and safe foundation for model to get into and learn the true skills necessary to become prosperous in their careers.

Andrew R TerrellOwner, Photographer, Director