Meet Our Model Boot Camp Specialists

Our specialists are hand picked. They have varying rates and locations throughout the U.S. When you go through your Personalized Camp, you are required to meet with one specialist in every category.

I have chosen a specific group of specialists in the areas of their expertise based on their talent, professionalism, and their willingness to teach others. My Specialists are in categories of: photographer, hair, makeup, wardrobe, stylist, personal trainer, safety, and financial planning. These categories will also expand as we grow. They have been vetted and approved. I have been able to work with about everyone on my list. If they have been referred to me I have been sitting down with them and make sure that we are all on the same page. I am not just picking anyone to be a part of this venture.

All Specialists will be listed on the Vendors page so if someone wants to work with them and not go through camp they are welcome to contact them from that page. If you are a specialist in the U.S and would be interested in being a part of this team, please message me for more information.

  • Photographers

    I have selected some of the best in the business to one get some great images from but, two to walk you what a professional shoot should be. Themes, corporate, or other avenues of shooting will be completed with a session with these experts.

  • Wardrobe Stylists

    Your closet is the key to your presentation and marketing of yourself. As like and interview, you need to be very versatile with what you have and or what you can get. These stylists can closet audit your clothes. We also have enlisted the assistance of several consignment shops in the area. If you are going for a shoot or just wanting to change your look, we have the specialists to do that for you.

  • Makeup Artists

    Your face is a canvas. The makeup you use for your every day wear is not the makeup that you would use in your shoots. Usually it is heavier and camera ready makeup. These Specialists know how to train you to pick colors, contour, and make a beautiful face forward. Classes and on location is available.

  • Hair Stylists

    From general care to working with making into a special style our hairstylists can make an impressive image. These selected Specialists can help you go from mundane to amazing. Classes and on location is available.

  • Personal Trainers

    From eating right to making an exercise plan on the run, your body is on 24/7.  So you won’t get burned out and can formulate a plan the personal trainers are there for your well being. They will customize this for you. Studio and on location is available.

  • Safety & Chaperons

    Being safe and knowing your surroundings are imperative in this business. Whether you travel or shoot locally. Things can happen. Our safety experts are there for you and your protection. Nice to be a celebrity with your own body guard!

  • Financial Planners

    Your finances play a huge role on your modeling career. From your bookings, expenses, and travel to having a piece of mind that you have enough gas in your car to get back from an assignment. We will teach you on how to plan for the future, set goals and stay on track with your career.

  • Graphics & Design

    Need a new marketing brand? website? Retouching of photos? Our highly trained graphics & design specialists can help, from creating logos, websites, portfolio work and much more.


My Modeling Boot Camp has enlisted the Specialists as listed based on their expertise in their given field. Specialists are independent contractors and not to be considered MMBC staff. Any affiliation with My Modeling Boot Camp has been voluntary and can be terminated at any time. Talent and others are free at will to contact any Specialist or vendor for services. Services, contracts, and agreements further than the initial consultation are the responsibility and liability of each individual. My Modeling Boot Camp does not engage with the financial transactions for either the Specialist or Vendor. Specialists or Vendors are to give in written confirmation the prices, rates, or discounts available.

My Modeling Boot Camp and its owners are not responsible for the transactions, services, or training between the Specialists and the model. All communication and payment is the responsibility of the model. Any contract signing is also between the talent and the Specialist. Outstanding balances or cancel fees are to be paid within 30 days of assignment. If there is a disagreement concerning services rendered, please contact My Modeling Boot Camp to work on mediation to settle.