Specialist FAQ

Answered below are some of the most frequently asked questions of our Specialists on the Model Boot Camp Team.

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What is My Modeling Boot Camp?

My name is Ashleighe and I have been modeling for over 32 years.  I have been asked time and time again for advice and knowledge about being in this industry.  I wanted to compile a group of specialists and companies that I thought would represent the best.  People who can give knowledge in a fluid industry as well as some know how advice to follow.

Most of us have been working in our business for years.  We have given advice, time, and insight. This is another avenue for the business that we are in to flourish.  I am happy to show you this synopsis of Boot camp.

Model is either referred or signs up on the website. Model pays a fee for the initial consultation. They meet with me one on one and I figure out their action plan.  Models will let me know what they want to have as their goals. If they want to travel, be published, be in galleries…etc.  I wanted to put together a panel of specialists to give them the knowledge and information to achieve their goals, looks, and to have success. You can’t just be a model over night that the world will keep you as popular as the likes of Cindy Crawford.

What would I be doing with My Modeling Boot Camp?

I am looking for Specialists in the following categories that can give and help new models in the business. Small businesses this is a great new way to promote your business to others who you have not been able to network with.  I am having the following on my team:  Photographers, Studios, Hair Stylists,  Makeup Artists, Wardrobe Stylists, Personal fitness, Safety/chaperone.  Small Businesses:  Consignment stores, home based businesses ( Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, Custom jewelry ) This is networking within this community as well as out.

How much time do I need to allot for My Modeling Boot Camp?

This looks like it takes a lot of time but, each person can budget in time for the consults or shoots that they are wanting.  You let me know when you are available.  Most of us have full time or part time jobs.  I just want to have a great set of Specialists to work and refer off of.  The small fee that you pay annually is to be on the list.  You can be inactive or remove yourself from the Specialist Listing at any time.  Please see below for more information.

This to teach her/him the following:

  • Introduction to freelance or contract modeling
  • Organization
  • Ethic/ Integrity
  • Investments into the career
  • Wardrobe
  • Makeup
  • Fitness/ personal care
  • Booking a shoot
  • Safety
  • At the shoot to completion
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Traveling/ Touring modeling
  • Convention modeling
  • Social Media
  • Finances
  • Working with the Media
  • Longevity

Who are you marketing to?

I am marketing mainly of course to models but, I am also networking to the other Specialists within this industry.  There are several cross overs that we can do to network and make some more connections than we had before.  We will be teaming up with some of the national modeling portfolio sites as well. I have been allowed to submit a blog on one of the sites for approval once we are fully up and running.  All models who sign up have to be over 18.

What are the annual dues for Specialists and Small Businesses?

  • Specialists Dues are $25 annually including up to 2 Specialists categories = $2.08 Mo.
  • Vendors Dues are$30 annually including up to 3 DS companies = $2.5 Mo.

What is a guarantee that someone will book me as a Specialist?

A model that signs up has to book with one of the specialists in each category.  Since I am only having so many and your schedules vary. This will increase your odds in getting someone to book with you.  I am sorry but I am unable to guarantee sales as I wish I could. I will be getting the word out there with our site, tweets, and other marketing tactics.

Is my fee refundable?

Sorry but no. I am only selecting a few in the industry to have on my team and this is to mainly schedule your free time to make money.  I am not getting any kickbacks from your sessions or consultations.  You are able to be listed as inactive or only able to take assignments on certain days, months, etc…

What will be listed on my bio?

Your bio will be your small advertisement of your Specialty.  I will be putting a small sentence on why you were selected to be on this team.  It will be a one or two paragraph statement of your accomplishments and your reason on being a part of this.  There will be a warning if there is any nudity on your website.  Your bio will be listed on the Team page.

What should my fees be to charge to models ?

Your fees can vary if a model is in the camp or if they are not in the camp.  It is up to you.  This again is not to change the way you do things as I have chosen you on your ethics and the way you treat your clients.  I just need to know what the fees may be.   You can also put that they are based or start at a rate and go up due to the consult.

Can I terminate my partnership with My Modeling Boot Camp?

Marketing is a gamble and yes I know that some people will have to wait and see what happens as times always are changing.  We can remove you from the site and the lists as requested in writing.  No annual fees can be refunded.

When does my contract start?

Your contract starts on the 1st of the month that you sign up. This is renewed annually.

Who do I contact with My Modeling Boot Camp if I have any new news I want to post?

Please contact me – Ashleighe.  I can be reached via email, text, or phone.  I usually can answer someone within about two hours.

Is My Modeling Boot Camp on Social Media?

MyModelingBootCamp  @mymdlbootcamp is now live on Twitter. ashleighetalentcamp@gmail.com is the address for the Facebook page at this time.

What if a Specialist is found doing something unprofessional?

I am sorry but, we will have to terminate the partnership.  My tag line is Professionalism, Ethics, and Integrity.  I have that there for a reason.  I may do an investigation as there are two sides to every story but, usually we would need to part ways.

What if a Model is found doing something unprofessional?

I am sorry but, we will have to terminate the program for them and no monies will be refunded.  They have to sign an agreement with their initial consult that they understand this.

What if a Model "no shows"?

A $40.00 fee is charged to a model who “no shows” or does not call or cancel without reason.  It has to be paid to the Specialist within 30 days.  If not then they do get terminated from the program.  I am not here to babysit.

I have a no excuses attitude to this plan.  I know that this is a new venture and who knows what will work and what will not but, had to take a chance to make this industry a better environment.  Also to let them know what a great ride this journey into modeling can be.


My Modeling Boot Camp has enlisted the Specialists as listed based on their expertise in their given field. Specialists are independent contractors and not to be considered MMBC staff. Any affiliation with My Modeling Boot Camp has been voluntary and can be terminated at any time. Talent and others are free at will to contact any Specialist or vendor for services. Services, contracts, and agreements further than the initial consultation are the responsibility and liability of each individual. My Modeling Boot Camp does not engage with the financial transactions for either the Specialist or Vendor. Specialists or Vendors are to give in written confirmation the prices, rates, or discounts available.

My Modeling Boot Camp and its owners are not responsible for the transactions, services, or training between the Specialists and the model. All communication and payment is the responsibility of the model. Any contract signing is also between the talent and the Specialist. Outstanding balances or cancel fees are to be paid within 30 days of assignment. If there is a disagreement concerning services rendered, please contact My Modeling Boot Camp to work on mediation to settle.