What is My Modeling BootCamp?

There is always the question about what MMBC does. MMBC is an educational and informative way to learn about the modeling industry regardless of which direction you are going into.

What do the Specialists do?

Our Specialists work with the new models and photographers in perfecting their craft in the business aspects of working with models. Photographers work with the actual posing, reading their modeling releases, and how a shoot should be from beginning to end.

Makeup artists can help a model know what makeup to use to make that flawless photo finish. From skincare to having and working with one on a shoot, communication is everything to get the desired effect.

What do the Vendors do?

Our vendors are amazing for finding new products to use in your modeling to finding new wardrobe deals. Most models are freelance and do need to be under a direct selling umbrella for financial reporting purposes.

How it works and what is the difference between all of the other companies or model classes that you have seen online?

Most of the modeling classes that you see on social media platforms are small classes or mass productions. I don’t know where you are personally in your modeling or photography so where you are and what information you need to start is going to be different from person to person. So we have consultations that are one on one. It dives into where you are and what your goals are with your modeling business. These are just a few questions that we help you with.

  • Are you marketing yourself properly?
  • Are you reading through your modeling releases for proper image rights?
  • Are you allowed to be using certain images for your portfolio?
  • Do you know how to vet a photographer?
  • Do you know how to negotiate pay rates for a shoot?
  • Do you know how to look for an agency?
  • Chaperones, do I need one? How do I do it safely?
  • When should I be doing time for prints?
  • Legal name and the AKA names?
  • Alcohol on a shoot?
  • Making a rapport with a Photographer?
  • Not crossing that invisible professional line?
  • How do I handle cancellations?
  • Are workshops worth it?
  • Do I really need a manager?
  • What if a photographer wants to be my manager?
  • Scheduling, when not to double book?
  • If you are doing risque modeling, how do you keep that from your family or employer?
  • How do you deal with fans?
  • Ditching the toxic shoots