Welcome to Model Boot Camp!

Whether you are new or have been a model for some time there is always time to learn. Model Boot Camp is designed around the idea of giving each and every model a set of skills and knowledge to help them not only navigate the world of professional modeling but make it a last and full filling career as well.

The basis of Model Boot is PIE – Professionalism, Integrity and Ethics. These three edicts are on which Model Boot Camp is founded on and strive to present to every model that has chosen to be part of our program. These three ideas will help you build a career on and give you the opportunity to succeed in your profession.

  • Professionalism – making the modeling a business
  • Integrity – being honest to your fellow models, photographers, and companies
  • Ethics – establishing moral principles to the area of modeling you choose

Who is Model Boot Camp for?

Really it is for any model, both new to the business and looking to get started out on the right foot but it can also benefit even seasoned pros who want to take the next step to ensure a long and active career. The program is customized to fit your needs & goals and your schedule.

Our goal is to help anybody who wants to try and begin a serious career in freelance modeling. This is a business and you have to tackle all aspects of it with as much knowledge and professionalism you have. The end result is to have a sustaining career – one that not only can prove financially sound but rewarding as well.

Why Model Boot Camp?

With over 20+ years of experience Ashleighe Sexton, CEO & Founder of Model Boot Camp, has seen it all. She has been in the best of situations and the worst – this camp is to get you through those times. Ashleighe hopes this camp will teach, enlighten, and give them insight into the path of modeling that they choose. She is excited to share her expertise with others.

As an active participant of Model Boot Camp you will be introduced to our hand-picked specialists from the many different facets of the industry including photographers, makeup artist, hair stylists, wardrobe, personal trainers and much more. The learn more please read about the Features & benefits of Model Boot Camp.