Getting Started with Model Boot Camp

Model Boot Camp wants you to succeed no matter if you are just starting out modeling or a seasoned pro looking for some help. In order to help you we need to know who you are and what your goals are.

Your Camp starts with a one on one consultation with a mentor who will figure out your plan of action and the months that it will take to achieve it. Success with this does not happen overnight. This takes time and patience. It is an investment – an investment in your career.

We will review many aspects with you including:

  • Your Portfolio
  • Your Goals and aspirations in the world of modeling
  • Your back ground in the industry
  • Your marketability
  • Your modeling presence

Initial Costs

The initial mentoring fee is $40.00*for two to three hours of mentoring and getting your check list ready and begin laying out your modeling path. At this consultation we ask you to have on hand.

  • 3-ring notebook
  • Paper & Pen
  • Recent portfolio images or headshots
  • Modeling Resume (if applicable) along with your stats

After a plan has been laid out and you have begun Model Boot Camp you will start scheduling time with each specialist. Each Specialist will charge for their tutoring during the next few months and rates do vary per person and category. You will be given a list of which you can choose – these specialists have been handpicked to work with Model Boot Camp because of their skill & experience in the industry. Specialists take payment arrangements as well as can work with your budget if necessary.

You will not only need to make a time but, a financial investment for each category. This includes: Photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, safety, personal training, and wardrobe. Each category and specialist has again their own rates and teachings. You may book with all of them or just one but one has to be booked within each category regardless. This is your commitment to learning the business, networking, and marketing. These Specialists are whom can make you really stand out and make your marketability increase.

The Program

Getting into the Camp is taking that first step to contact us for the initial consultation. Whether you go through the Camp or just use the marketing program the initial consultation fee is mandatory and non-refundable. Cancellation fees apply. The booking with the specialists going forward if you want to stay in the program is also mandatory. If you choose to take a break for a time and then start later, that is fine; we customize your camp for your financial needs and schedules. We as one are a team that has been put in place to make you succeed.

If you find that this is not for you that is okay as well. We have one-time consulting sessions that might be a better fit for you. If you want to know more about them check out the Modeling Boot Camp Consultations page here. This includes basic knowledge, forms, and marketing tactics.

We are here to educate & mentor you in the modeling world. We are basically a college for your modeling career.

*This fee can be higher if traveling distances over 25 miles to meet with you.
**At this time MBC is unable to take international clients or consultations