Working with an agent

Working with an agent is similar to me like working with a staffing company. You have to submit your resume or comp card and see what companies want to hire you. Your interview can go really well or not so well. In any case you have to keep moving forward.

Staffing companies and modeling agencies get tons of comp cards and resumes each day. They have to find the right person who will fill the needs that the client is requesting. This means that your pics and your information have to be spot on. There is no faking the sizes or using an image that has drastically been altered with photo enhancing software.

Finding the requirements for submissions is first off important. You don’t want to send them something that is going to land in the trash can or not even get opened. Learn the art of the presentation.

Once you have that agent or recruiter, make that rapport. Just don’t think that you are the only person who is looking to land that assignment. There are tons of models who are about to do anything to land on the cover or in the pages of the latest magazines. Your agent will keep you informed if they can about anything that they will submit you for. You might be the look one day and then not the next. You can’t get discouraged to the agent as again they are doing what the client request. Don’t kill the messenger. Also don’t think that once you have submitted your information that the jobs are going to fall in your lap either. There is always work to be done on both sides. See what you can do to improve your chances into getting hired.

Welcome to Modeling 101

Modeling is awesome. There are tons of avenues that you can go in when being a model. Whether you choose to be with an agent, go freelance, or just model to have it as a hobby, it should always be treated like a business. You hear the stories of models who have done several things that they regret doing. This is one avenue to learn some of them before you get approached with them or tactics to avoid them in the first place.

My Modeling Boot Camp can assist you in time management and figuring out what avenue of modeling might suit you best. Since we are not an agency, we are not able to represent you in that fashion. We work with you to see again where you are comfortable in the areas of modeling that are discussed in your consultation. Again making modeling a business is the business that we are in.

When you are deciding on becoming a model there usually are people who will pop out of the wood work to help you. They do not always have your best intentions in mind. If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. You have to take that into consideration at all times.

If you have someone who wants to be your manager you need to ask them and yourself several questions. What reputation do they have? How long have they been in the modeling business? How much time can they commit to assisting in getting you booked to assignments? What type of contract are they asking you to sign? Are they receiving a percentage of your paid assignments? There are several further in depth questions that you have to ask before getting a manager.

For more information on My Modeling Boot Camp and how to get started check out our Introduction Page Here. We look forward from hearing from you!

Welcome to My Modeling Boot Camp News!

This is the first installment of this, so I am crossing my fingers that it goes over well. There is a lot of information and resources here on the site. Please look around and see if you find someone you can work with or network with. Right now My Modeling Boot Camp is only US based. I am looking to branch out more to the west coasts and Northern states. Let’s see what 2018 brings!

My Modeling Boot Camp is a mentoring company for new and aspiring models. Most models get into the business and are super busy. That is great. Then after that they get stuck in a rut and am not sure what they can do to get more assignments. My Modeling Boot Camp works with these models to help assist them in making their modeling into a business.
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