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Photography Specialist

I am a professional photographer located in Lawrenceville Ga, but I do branch out wherever the work is. I have had the good fortune to work with some amazing models and gather so much insight into this industry. I have branched professionally into event photography, but my pure love of model photography and amazing concepts keeps me searching for talents. The nerd in me draws me mainly to cosplay photography while the artist in me draws me towards anything original and unique. Any size, shape, age, gender, or style, as long as it is visually exciting and fun. Please take a look at my portfolio and web site and contact me if you are up for some amazing photos. I’m always looking to make new friends, share knowledge, and work with great and talented artists.

Battle For Ozellberg Featuring Deon Brown


Deon Brown is promoting his new comic book and has given some upcoming dates to conventions he will be attending. If you are in the area and are going to go please stop by and say hello to Deon and look over his amazing work. He can also be found on Facebook at

Model Boot Camp will give me the opportunity and freedom to grow as an artist as well as the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I take pride in knowing that I can use my creativity and photographic knowledge to help others take that next step in their professional careers.

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